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Default Re: Headed out to Las Vegas!

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
Ive heard good things about House of Smokes.
Thanks, I looked up their site but it seems like they only have a myspace. They have great pics of their stock though, looks promising.

Originally Posted by sdlarcgirl View Post
well I just really know the shop near my home... it's up in north las vegas. 4 aces smoke shop. a can of starbuzz is $12.50 or so, but 2/$20. if u wanna smoke a bowl there it' $12. that's the only place i've been to do it. google map searching can get u more locations.
I'll google 4 aces, thanks for that. I figured I could just google something like 'las vegas smoke shops' or 'las vegas hookah' but I wanted places that were recommended by hookahpro members. The way I see it, no one here would recommend a spot of they haven't been there or delt with them.

I don't want to be sending my girl cousin or my rents to a shady spot lol.

Thanks again though
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