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Default Re: Narbish vs. Nammor vs. Razan which one do you prefer

I have no experience with the Narbish personally...however a ton of forum members do swear by them.

As do a ton of forum members who swear by Razans.

My honest opinion....the Razan does tend to have a slightly more narrow port end than...lets say a nammor.

If you are looking for a "rope-like" handle, then you have 2 options, the Abu Mahir and the Narbish.

Narbish comes in many colors....Abu Mahir has s couple...and also offers a metallic stripe on the black ones...and the metallic ones do not have the bigger port end (like KM hoses)

Really, I think you should wait for a few more posts from the forum....and see what they all say to make you decision.

Nazar Hookah
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