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Default Hookah Analogies

…or hookanalogies, if you will. Here's what came to mind for me:

KM - Rolls Royce. Classy, flashy, and a good ride (but for a price).
MZ - BMW. Not quite as revered and not quite as expensive, but still a high-class ride by all accounts.
Mya - Ferrari. Fast and sporty, this one goes places.
Generic Egyptian - Pickup truck. This is the utility vehicle. It can be beautiful and it will get you anywhere you want to go, but without the flair of higher-priced models.
Generic Chinese (that little one we all have/had) - Used compact car. It may not last long but it's a great introduction.
HoboHookah - SMARTcar. Some love it, some are leery; regardless of opinion this is as little car as will still give you a good ride.

Sorry if this thread is a bit silly, it was funny when my half-asleep brain thought of it this morning. Post your own if you've got 'em!
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