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Default Re: Narbish vs. Nammor vs. Razan which one do you prefer

my brother uses a nammy, i use a razan, i have not yet tried a nabrish although i am especting to buy a nabby V3 very soon (so you can espect another 200+ order john)

as for my prefrence, we smoke out of both hoses the same, and sometimes even use the km hose (but thats not washable so we dont like to use it often) and sometimes i even connect both razans together for a super razen.

i love my razan, i like it over the nammy, but that might just be because of the fact my razen is a sulten version (has added decore like frilly hose instead of just a plain colored hose). as for performance, i dont notice anything large enough to care about, they both smoke absolutly great, i just think razen looks better.
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