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A friend of mine from Saudi Arabia told/showed me about a hookah very similar to this one in terms of height and size. He always used to make fun of me for smoking out of a KM, and he consistently called my hookah a "baby hookah." According to him, and he even showed me pictures of the one he smoked out of, the idea behind this big of a hookah translates to a sort of "way to manhood" passage to some people. I made sure to ask him if there were any religious or political backings for doing this, and he replied with a "no, it's just something we do to one up each other." He also told me that the amount of shisha on top can only be heated by an enormous natural coal that they use, much like a Romman natural coal just 10 times the size. Apparently he smoked from that size of a pipe for two months and had to go to the doctor due to some pretty harsh tobacco-related illnesses. This one differs from the one he speaks of simply due to the amount of hoses. The one he showed me, as he was the only one smoking it in the picture, had one enormous hose and a slightly smaller chamber. Who knows, maybe he was joking with me, but it seemed pretty legit in terms of what he described and what I saw.
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