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Default Re: Mysterious Egyptian Mu'essel

I had a show earlier tonight in Odense and I was crashing at a friend's place with my band mates which was cool because someone let me use her [FONT=Verdana]Elmas brand Nargile so I smoked this [/FONT]Qalamoun stuff. First this that is a way strong tobacco, i'd about as strong as Kass Afriki. In terms of tastes i'd say that it has a strong molasses type sweetness and a very fig like quality along with the strong tobacco flavour. In background are a mint like taste and something woody. Very pleasant taste with a very heavy bodied smoke. It produces about as much smoke a black style moassel when you freshen it up with a bit of molasses but glycerin. Bottom line is that this is very unique and high quality smoke but a bit much for everyday use. I wish I knew how to get it on a regular basis but I doubt I will be that lucky.
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