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Default Re: Nammor vs. KM Hose

If you wash out your Myas you best make sure they are actually washable. I've had several Mya hoses that were claimed to be washable yet rust particles come out when you run water through them. I'd say it's crazy to use any Mya hose for 4 years and i'll bet if you cut it open it'll have a ton of rust inside. Trust me, you don't want to be inhaling rust into your lungs. Honestly, I don't like any Mya hose i've used but I understand that they have some high end hoses that are very good. Still, why spend 20US for a Mya hose when you can get a Nammor?

As to KM hoses they are great even if they are non-washable in that they look wonderful and are easy to get a good draw from. Still, they will only last a few months of regular use before they pick up enough flavour that you can't use them anymore. If you want to hold on to them use them with just a single flavour. I like the old fashioned leather hoses as they carried a lot more smoke then the new KM hoses and they were as traditional as you could get.

My nammor is great and i've no complaints. The J & R is easier to clean and less restrictive but it's not as flexible as the nammor. The AF "healthy hose" is very flexible, easy to clean but it doesn't carry as smoke as the the others i've mentioned. Still, it's 3US so you can't beat that in terms of value.
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