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Default Re: My Most Frequently Used Narghiles

Originally Posted by Sambooka
Those are some beautiful hookahs! I like the bottom ones a lot ... the stems are beautiful.

Ummm and damn, are those speakers!?? Coolness points if they are!
Nice to hear from you Sam. Yeah, all that stuff behind the Syrians is my stereo. It's a 4 way set up using specialized Cabasse bullet tweets with diffraction control for the high end, multi-flair axisymmetrical horns with compression drivers for the mid & lower bass. The lower bass are di-pole radiators with vestigial baffles and rather unique twin 60cm drivers per channel. The amplification is from twin, four way mono single ended vacuum tube rigs specially modified for (among other things) very low noise. All of which gets used to play a Goldmund studio turntable and a lot of vinyl.

It's the best imaging system i've ever heard. A passion of mine.
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