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Default Re: Reviewers & vendors

as a vendor and consumer i have talked about this issue in the past. it has been brought up before. i'd like to participate in this discussion again though since you brought it up. my feeling towards getting "free stuff" and reviewing it is extremely biased and is not fair to the community. if i give you "free product" in exchange for a review of me/product wouldn't you feel obliged to throw in a good word, whether or not the service/product was that good? or could it be that i agreed to give you free product in exchange for a positive review?
there are a ton of great reviews out there by consimers who have purchased their product and are free to say whatever they want and not feel like they owe the "giver" anything. those are the only reviews that I consider legit. if you are looking for free product just to review it's not fair to the to the community if you are not giving an unbiased review. my 2 cents
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