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Originally Posted by caveman View Post
If you accidently overpack the bowl and the tobacco burns a little is there any way to save it other then repacking it?
When it comes to this I'd have to ask if your over packing it to the point where it pulls like you're sucking on wet sand? Because IMO (with a mod bowl), it should be packed to where it feels slightly tight and that's not hard to do. You don't want it under packed, as I have found this to produce the least amount of smoke, and packing it tight where the pull is like sucking on a milkshake and lets everything get through just fine (no charing). I also DO NOT use foil, rather steel screens, as it's far more convenient and efficient with heat management and burning shisha. Really, unless you're seriously compacting the shisha in there and not shifting the coals enough for heat management, it should all be good.
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