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Default Re: Opening a hookah bar HELP

hey i don't know much about the laws where you live but that would be something to looking to, I know that here in NM you can't have smoking in public areas bars included but you can close it to the public as a smoking lounge so only those who don't mind smoke can get in or alnog those lines.

as far as pricing and tobaccos the places i go rate it like this $12 dollars for 10g of tobacco, $14 15g, $15 or $16 for 20g; 1 dollar for an extra hose; but prices seem higher there so may be compete with the others,

and tobaccos i would steer clear of intense ones like nakila (sorry bad a spelling) because the are nicotine high and you don't want your costumers sick.
I would try something along the lines of AF, AW, or HH - HF they are washed and offer many flavors

best of luck in your endeavors
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