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Default Re: Best 2 Hose Hookah for $100 or less?

I'd recommend against a two hose hookah because as others have said, its more trouble than its worth. If you're smoking with 5+ people it MIGHT be slightly more convenient but consider that if you get a Chinese rig with an auto-seal feature, this means no purging. If you get a traditional chamber with two hoses it means you have a purge, but the only way to purge is through the other hose. Adding extra hoses is adding more chance to tangle the hoses, tip the hookah, or worst off volcano the session. If you're dead set on having a two hosed hookah I would go with a traditional hookah that has been adapted to be two hosed(which tends to run no cheaper than $120 and typically runs around $150) but this means you'll have to train your friends how to purge and plug the hose properly. Consider the hassle and other problems, and also consider that there is far more choice in an visually pleasing stem that will run in the price range you suggested.

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