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Default ashy aftertaste

ok i don't know what it is but everytime i use my bigger hookah(i have 2) i get an ashy aftertaste.
i mean i'd like to think i used both of my hookahs the same amount and i only clean by rinsing it but everytime i smoke out of the bigger one i get that taste and it makes me gag.
i don't ever have that problem with my mini.

just for reference i have a skullz mini hookah and a sheecool 2 hose for the big one. i cleaned it with brushes and stuff before the sessions, and actually ended up snapping the brush but still got it clean and everything then i rinsed the hoses with hot hot water can anyone shed some light on the subject?

i was thinking i just didn't clean it or the hoses enough.
again for reference i have a cobra(unknown brand) and a narbish hose.
the narbish has a much ashier taste for some reason and it's had much less use.

i would like to resolve the issue and welcome suggestions.
should i just wash it soak it or something or should i smoke something super strong in hopes of clearing it.
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