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Default Re: Tangiers Smeel slike Jack??? WHA??

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Helping and endlessly promoting and advertising it is another. People who enjoy tangiers need to understand something. People who have spent their money on it and had it fail over and over again regardless of acclimation, packing technique, heat management, temperature of the base water etc, etc. don't want to hear it's their fault it doesn't smoke right. Stop blaming the customer and start blaming the product. It gets old watching the same people who have no interest in Hookah Pro at all other than to promote, advertise and recommend Tangiers at every chance go on and on and when they get called on it they act innocent.
If you intended this towards foibled, I think you are a little off base, as none of his posts I have seen have been tangiers fanboyism. From what I can see he presents the knowledge he has about the product, gives some helpful tips, and states that he hasn't had issues.

If you weren't directing it at foibled, you should say so, because it absolutely looks like you are.

In other respects, have the acclimation issues people are talking about been mostly Noir, or issues with Lucid as well?
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