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Default Re: The Month-long NDA

Boom! and it's back.

I ended this experiment last night.

The results:

The flavor ended up getting a TON stronger. I mean alot. Like concentrated NDA. But let me add that the flavor did change quite a bit.

After about a week each bowl was dominated by anise, I thought that that would basically be the end product... anise getting so overwhelming that it drowned the apple out all together. Not so.

After two weeks, for seemingly no reason (I didn't change a thing), the apple came back. And it was spicy and sweet, which I found to be really interesting because I would describe normal NDA as having a muted mildly sweet apple taste, but this was definitely spicier and sweeter. It's as though the two primary flavors in the NDA had just got a huge boost. Apple came out as you drew in and a strong anise and the exhale. Very, very interesting.

Alas I cut the experiment short because the purge got stuck (probably a product of non-cleaning) and my buddy turned the hookah into a waterspout, which I feel ruins the integrity of the experiment in addition to being nasty. And I want my tri-metal back. I cleaned it and polished it last night and there are NO SIGNS OF DAMAGE, rust or otherwise. So just know that hookahs are a bit more durable than you'd think, even though I would, in no way advocate treating them in this manner as a means of standard up-keep.


I think there's something here that hasn't been explored much. What little residue sticks to the stem from the smoke (not moassel drip, as there was none here) undeniably affects the flavor of the smoke. The greater the concentration of this trace residue and the most times you compound it, the more the flavor begins to evolve. It's a very interesting thing to witness and I think that this experiment warrents future trials with different flavors.

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