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I found the flavour I picked up at a little Turkish shop in Odense but I think that Sultan Sima is only sporadically found in Europa and not at all in the U.S. which is a shame since it's a pretty high quality brand.

I should say that Sultan Sima is not a traditional product in that they make lots of fruit flavours and are not actually unwashed. Rather, it's a modern style brand that is less processed then most so a good bit of the tobacco flavours remain. I think of it as more like Nakhla in that regard rather then a totally unwahsed product like DM.

As to DM the fact is that in the U.S. the only places it can be found are at and Both are good vendors although I tend to use more often since they also carry Salloum and have all of the DM flavours. Texas hookah would be the place I would go if I wanted to buy both DM and more mainstream products like SB/fantasia at the same time I was looking for DM. Since the price of DM is very low and it's the best moassel on the U.S. market I think that anyone interested in something more traditional really needs to just buy some.
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