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Default Re: Who Cleans Their Hookah?

Originally Posted by chadtizzle View Post
i'm really surprised at some of the answers here.

i clean my pipe after every single use. i deep clean once a month with vinegar and hot water.

if you're gonna smoke hookah, you need to have a clean pipe! it tastes like SHIT if i don't clean it. use fresh water every time, bacteria and even mold will grow inside of there and then you'll really be sorry.

if you take care of your pipe (and it's not a crappy chinese), it will last you for years and years.
Though changing the water each time is a good idea to cut down on ghosting, there's not gonna be anything that grows in there in 2 days... especially since its a sealed chamber and it was clean to begin with.

Also the hookah is metal. stainless and copper. it can handle not being washed every single time. You don't wash your car after every use do you?

I'm not trying to be adversly contrary but I just want it to be understood that just because u don't immediately clean your hookah after each use doesn't mean you're somehow not as respectful of the art or some such...

"From zero to hookah, in nothing flat."
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