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Default Re: New CH Coal recipe

Originally Posted by Hookah Lungs View Post
This happens to me from time to time, but I've also seen it with Coconaras. However, I'm pretty sure it's just an issue of not leaving the coals on the stove for enough time.
nope.. deff not the problem.. happens to the QLs to and you dont use a stove to light those... and when my nats are finished heating up i leave them on thee coil burner for another minute on each side while i get something to drink.. even with leaving them on for an extra amount of time.. this problem still occurs.. its just that the foil that the coal is touching starts to absorb the heat from that part of the coal and the air being drawn when you smoke cools down that little part that of the coal that is already being stripped frm its heat

i think lol
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