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Default Biggest Hookah disaster ever!!!

Well it's a sad day

Just received a letter from customs and that my package of 250gms of tobacco is being held till I pay almost $100 U.S.
to have it cleared

It turns out that the gift concession on tobacco and alcohol has been removed and any amount of manufactured tobacco or tobacco substitute will be taxed at the percentage of $322 per KG no matter how much tobacco or nicotine is in the item!!!
Maybe time to set up a farm outback any other wanna join me.

I have been buying online for a while and always bring shisha back from overseas trips with no issues.

Is this just chance that my package has been kept and taxed? any other Aussies out there...

2 weeks back I had package opened, checked and sent direct with no issues at all.

Oh yeah I also broke a brand new funnel bowl today (first break in 6 years)
What a day

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