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Default An Incredible Discovery

Entertainment mostly. There is no anecdote(wellll).
Whilst experimenting with my, seemingly, permanently ghosted nammor I made a horrendously and cripplingly stunning discovery. It went like this:
Just getting home from work, I want to relax and maybe watch a movie, so I go for my hose. It's been in the weeds after smoking Mizo Watermelon two times in a row, so I decided to soak it for ~15 hours in a diluted vinegar solution. Upon emptying the 'so lame it needs crutches' "washable" Romman backwards hose I rinse it out, give a few hurricane Katrina sized breaths and hang it up to dry. I read through a thread about drying concerns so I decide to try and contribute with experimentation.
(Gets interesting. . . NOW)
I trudge into my bathroom, take a look at the nammor. "You worthless piece you can't even be washed right, and I hate that about you" I say to the object. "Fuck you" Echoes back. That's right, my Nammor can speak.
I'm just kidding.
I trudge into my bathroom, take a look at the nammor. "You worthless piece, you can't even be washed right, and I hate that about you" I say to the object. Upon an eerily loud silence I commence to the hunt. The initial thoughts being that it has to be roughly half the length of the hose, and can fit into either side. The bathroom seem vacant, my creativity cannot flourish here. I storm out, no doubt upsetting my neighbors, and progress into the kitchen.
"Cinnamon. . .cinnamon. . .cinnamon" of course there is a serious lack of cinnamon. Another disappointment, I continue to my room. Aha, old phone charger wires, those have structure and length, now for the "absorb" part of the tool.
Walking out of my room I am struck with ignorance. I drop everything but my nammor and rush to the bathroom, where all hose drying HAS to take place.
I walk in, turn on the over-kill five lights above the mirror, and look around. Soap, that's no good for drying things. Toothpaste? Lacks the 'solid' state. Ah, in a modern square container a large pile of q-tips rest. Perfect. I foresee no negative consequences. I delicately begin moving the q-tip into the port side of the hose. Remembering the grommet in the round handle and how it is cylindrical makes me fear it may get stuck in the space between. I hastily blow into the handle and effectively shoot the q-tip out. After repeating this several times, I come to the conclusion that this is, without a doubt, the best thing to happen. Ever. I continue to play with this idea. Moisture on the qtip creates a better seal therefore creating a stronger reaction to the pressure exerted on it.
It's said that on the 7th day, god rested. But on the 8th day he wrote this idea down and put it in a metaphorical bottle in the sea that is my mind.
Yes, this is just a post saying, "You can shoot q-tips out of your hookah hose"
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