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Default Beers that do NOT go with hookah

So I saw a few threads on good beers with hookah. but nothing about which beers dont mix with hookah. I needed to start this after last night and the beer I was drinking.

I was drinking Gumballhead - Three Floyds
I started drinking it before I got the hookah set up, so I was well into the delicious taste of the beer before any smoke was induced. As soon as I got the hookah going and smoke pulling. I could taste the flavor but it was off. And I mean it taste burnt but full flavored. It hard to explain, I kept trying to get my buddy to confirm its the beer and not the hookah. But I got no help, for he is a newb to smoking. So I ended up just ending the bowl and starting a new one for my own needs to confirm its the beer. after I packed a new one, i had the same issue. it def was the beer... its not that the beer was bad. but when it mixed with the hookah, it didnt taste right at all.
I would assume the same would go for a few beers like pale ale, but I cant say. has anyone had this issue with other types of beer they can recall?
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