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Originally Posted by Nyxxie View Post
Tangiers seems like such a picky tobacco. Gotta let it sit out (acclimation), you have to pack it a certain way, etc etc. Is it really worth it? I've heard mix reviews of their shisha too.

Anyway, What other tobacco do you think get better with sitting out a bit?
Most fo the time you only have to let certain flavors sit out. In utah, we can't smoke Tropical Flavors, period. Yet citrus flavors are always perfection. I rarely have to acclimate any Tangiers I buy. As a matter of fact, I don't acclimate because it's not needed.

It is packed very tight. That's it. And poke a bunch of holes in it. Sounds easy enough to me...

And the Nakhla flavors like Cardamom, Marguerita, Cinnamon, Double Apple all benefit from breathing.
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