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Default Re: Beers that do NOT go with hookah

First I'd like to point out I'm a beer snob. Keep that in mind. I only really enjoy real hoppy ipa's. Dogfishhead 90min is a personal favorite.

That's said, depending on the flavor, a weaker lager or whatnot would probably take away the goodness more than anything. Personally that would mean keystone, coors, miller, bud, heineken, bud and even reg sam is out. A summer ale might be nice, but a Sierra Nevada pale ale would better suit my taste. Old brown dog is a nice Aleish lager that could go nicely but might be a bit thick as to not cover up a flavor.

Basically I think a good ale or ipa that is extremley hoppy will go great. I would cover any flavor or taint it with that "beer" taste.

Any beer that has it's own flavor or is thick(execpt for a nice guiness, but I'm Irish so that's kinda in my job description) would hinder a smoke session rather than add a nice overtone or essence. Although now that i think About it, Shipwreck pumpkinhead would be good as long as it isn't contradicted with the flavor.

As a rule of thumb I don't mix anything that I don't think sounds good on it's own. For example I don't think I'd enjoy lamb and tuna fish(any big Daddy fans will get the humor.)

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