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Default Don't knock noobs..

So I just smoked a bowl of soex out of my cheapo pumpkin hookah using quicklite coals. (Yes, I'm a noob, but at least I have the knowledge to know it.)

I plan to upgrade to a nice 'real' hookah in the future, but at the moment, I'm stuck with this not-too-great setup. I've smoked great brands out of great hookahs, so I know that my current inventory isn't the best.


It was actually a pretty good smoke. The flavour was quite mellow, but came through well, the smoke was as white and cloudy as I have seen from videos using better brands, and my coals kept this consistent for about an hour. It was actually a pleasant surprise.

The moral of the story- don't be too hasty to get snobby about hookah brands; some of the time you can have a really excellent smoke with them, despite their reputation.

On the other hand, every other smoke I've had out of that hookah has been godawful. ah well. make of this post what you will, I'm still reeling from the shock.

P.S, the only occasion when it is OK, even right to be snobby about hookah is with Ed Hardy shisha/hookahs. (Although with Ed Hardy it's ok to kill anyone who's using it, thinking about using it or knows someone who uses it, so don't worry.)
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