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Smile The Book of Hookah

I took trip to my Library a few days ago and thought I'd look through the database for a hookah book. I was actually sort of surprised to find that there wasn't one, other than the yammering biased "Quit Smoking" types. I was surprised because I had read a book called "Le Narghile" some years ago.I found an employee of the library, he searched and found that it was in the banned section of the public library database.BANNED! I can almost understand this because that book pretty much condones hookah(don't want the children's virgin eyes reading about something happening in the real world).

Therefore, I have decided to test my fortitude at writing a book. Expressing only the facts of hookah in third person(nothing personal) I figure I will do my own studies and calculate results on nicotine intake and things like that relative to cigarettes, pipes, and non-smokers; based on the scientific method, with properly set-up and used hookahs. I could go over scientific facts on hookah, how to make your own accessories and shisha's, the history of the hookah, and non-opinionated reviews on shisha brands, hookah manufacturers, and coals.

I am posting this here on Hookahpro because I need help with many things that go into such a task. Anything from experiment ideas/techniques/you doing your own experiment to giving your evaluation of a shisha. Hell, just tell me if you think it's a good idea.
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