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Default Sheecool and namour (is that spelt right)

G'day guys and girls,

I have only been into hookah for the past couple of months and i have myself a pretty shady syrian hookah it does the job tho,

any way... im looking to purchase and new one.

i have been looking all over the net and decided i would like a Sheecool
and a namour hose.

living in australia the shops around here dont stock such items!

so ive been looking at online stores and im yet to find one that will post to aus and has all the items i would like!

i was hoping you guys and girls could shine some light on my search

oh and sorry if spelling is poor

P.S i would have posted this in the trade section under WTB but im not aloud to for one reason or another

thank you in advance,


P.P.S sorry for the newbie post its been years since ive been on a forum
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