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Default Look what I found...Khobar trip report

I went on a shwarma run with my wife's friend and wandered into a few of my favorite shops. Looks like some of the KM 2010 models are showing up again. Found a few that were a bit different than what John has shown. Some of the pics from the stores will be uploaded when I get around to it.

First up is what appears to be a standard Kamanja with some different bases.
This one is nickel plated and everywhere that a Dremel tool was used, the solid brass core shows the polished brass.

Very clean welds on this model.

There is a sizable flaw on the backside of the hose port but if there had to be a big flaw, it is well hidden and doesn't bother me a bit.

Nice gold and frosted base. Seems the same shape as the jumbos we have seen but it is the same height of a standard Pharonie base.

#2 is a taller version of the Kamanja star. It is about three inches taller than the first one. Base is slightly different.

Most of the extra height comes from this area. The bottom of this thing is wider and taller than the same section of the other Kamanja. I think it needs a larger outside diameter glass to make the lines more smooth. I haven't seen one like this that has a pharoah between the stars.

This one is mostly smooth brass and it is nice but there are a few more flaws than on other KM I have.

I didn't have time to have them go through the cases of KM but will be going back very soon. I also saw a tri metal Halzone so I'm wondering what else is around. Stay tuned!
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