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Default Re: Ice in the baseal

Originally Posted by MC_Gatty View Post
I'm trying to imagine this open ice chamber thing... so it would basically be a downstem with a big pocket for ice (which would slowly melt out through the stem)? I like the idea but it seems like it would be a pain to clean.
i can do it two ways. i could either make the chamber similute to the main base of the hookah, where the downstem goes into the ice and the second downstem is above that so the smoke has to pass though the ice in the same way it does the water or

use a obstruction (screen, grate ect) to keep the ice in there until it melts then the water would go into the main base.

overall im going to go with the first method first as it seems the best in my eyes, but ill test both methods and use the one with the best results
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