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Default Re: When you dont have your hookah

Originally Posted by Sambooka
Originally Posted by dakingkevin23
I watch sambooka's youtube videos when i'm not smoking hookah, it's almost the same effect. lol
hahaha, you are crazy!

Ok, so to answer this question, I don't have cravings. I am either in the mood or not in the mood. I use to smoke cigarettes, and that gave me cravings! But hookah and cigars don't give me those kind of cravings. I may enjoy a cigar at a sports bar watching football, or a hookah on a Friday night talking with my friends from Hookah Pro ... but cravings? No, thankfully I don't have those cravings.

If hookah was easier and more readily available to smoke, then I might? But currently it is a pain in the ass to set it up, knowing I am going to have to clean it after I use it! (I clean my hookah immediately after every use)
yeah that is true about not having cravings. It seems like only if I feel like it or if I'm in the mood. I'm not like "omfg I need to smoke hookah now!" I think its cuz it doesn't have as much of a nic level as cigs and it doesn't have those nasty additive chemicals that cigs have.
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