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Default Re: Anally specific methods for smoking AF

Originally Posted by brasssmunkye View Post
how i smoek AF (which is what i primarily smoke):
i sprinkle the shisha in the bowl untill its full, make sure no pieces are poking up, then done.
then i single or double wrap with foil depending on waht i feel like doing, usually double.
normal hole pattern, a decent amount of medium size holes
then i put 2 exoticas on it, with a windcover (foil one made from a 32oz beerbottle)
about 5 mins later i start smoking.
i smoke it untill it starts to seem harsh or tickly, then i remove the windcover
then i put it back on when i feel i should...
i burn that bowl untill the coals finish, sometimes for 2 sets of coals.
+1 on this method. I use a vortex bowl and get away with 2 exoticas or 2 coconuts coals. Use a windcover until it starts to taste a little harsh. Usually for me, if I use the windcover, it is about 10 minutes. Take the windcover off and let it go. You can usually tell when you need the windcover again.

If I don't use a windcover. I start with 3 coals, after 10 minutes I am down to 2 coals. When they get smaller, I add back the 3rd one. Always get good smoke from AF.
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