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Default Re: Ayam Zaman Mint

I think Samb and Cmoreno have it right. Natural coals are the way to go, but I think I can understand your plight. If you can get your hands on some natural coals, that's the way to go. If you can't, however, just make sure that they are completely ashed over. Ones that aren't can give you a headache and make your tobacco just taste overall crappy. As for the foil, double up your layers of foil, my friend. That should help it from burning as easily, as the foil sags down on top of the tobacco when you do that. The vortex bowl can kind of be finicky, I've noticed. You will get it eventually. I have never had Ayam Zaman, I can't afford it, but hopefully you will get it right and it will smoke beautifully for you. Good luck!

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