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Default Re: Anally specific methods for smoking AF

I have never smoked af so I can't offer you any specific advice. However, something you might want to try is the way I smoke tangiers. The reason I think this might work is because the only tobacco that I experience a throat tickle with is tangiers and the only method that I have had great success with is the following. medium tangiers phunnel, super dense pack, then single layer of foil. I use a toothpick to poke 3 rings of large holes going all the way through the tobacco for maximum air flow. then I use an upside down mason jar ring to create a spacer that I set on top of the bowl. You can also do this with foil. Then I wrap foil over the top of that and the bowl and poke 4 squares of 3x3 holes in the top layer. then 4 ch nats and a windcover and it smokes incredible.
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