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Default Re: Keep Your Reviews HONEST! and UNBIASED!

I'm taking what you are saying into account and I'm not offended, because I honestly feel my ratings are what I honestly believe and not something thats fictitious simply because it was free, but I can see why others would be. That's all. It's cool in my book. I just started reviewing so reading this is making me question myself as a rater. But then again, I really shouldn't be because I know those ratings were fair.

I think honesty in rating is 100% most important, and I can see where you are coming from. I'd hate to buy a shisha that was rated a 10, but it sucked in my opinion. But we must realize ratings ARE opinions. While I may feel Starbuzz White Peach is 10/10, someone may buy it and says it sucks.

That's all I'm saying
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