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Default Re: Keep Your Reviews HONEST! and UNBIASED!

Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post
the thing i hate seeing the most is people who review brands that they state firmly they dislike greatly, and then review a product by said brand giving it no lee way, often compareing it to what they dont liek about the brand as a whole. i know this is a valid opinion but in all honestly,if you smoke lets say NAK or AF exclucivly, and think that SB or TANG is absolute trash, never smoke it, never liked it, never will like it. you really shouldnt review it, its honest and stright forward, but if your biased agenst a whole brand then even if your honest opinions arnt ment to be biased, they are.
I try lots of different flavors from lots of different brands. I am always on the lookout for the best ones! .. but some brands definitely fall shorter than others but I don't let that stop me from giving them opportunities to find a good one from them. I think every brand has a couple great flavors for each of us. Just gotta find them.

For instance, I've tried 10 flavors from one brand and only had 1 mediocre flavor but I still keep searching for something good to review from them. I finally did a review because I kept hearing such great things like how wet and juicy it was or how much it smelled and smoked like what it was supposed to and I wanted to offer up my personal opinion, trust me it was unbiased. I tried many variations and methods to get the best smoke I could out of it. After getting some after the few positive reviews I read about, It was not wet and juicy like people said it was, and smelled / smoked nothing like it was supposed to. So I did a review because I felt like I should offer up my personal opinion because my opinion was completely on the other side of the level.

I love Nakhla .. but damn their strawberry taste like crap, vanilla not so good, mizo mint was good but too strong for my liking, mizo watermelon are you serious?? and mizo guava I couldn't stand smoking for more than 3 minutes. But I will give them another try in a year or so, I may have gotten an off batch.

I can admit when I brand has off flavors, it is part of being unbiased. Instead of saying "Nakhla Strawberry is the best!" when deep down I know it isn't. That is pretty bad, but it is even worse when I say that after being given it for free as a comp in hopes to get more. That is where the shady value is at its peak! I'd rather have my integrity than sell out like that!

The whole point of this thread is don't be swayed by a complimentary product. Be it reviews, or general advice / discussion. We are offering up free shisha samples in contests and just want to be sure our Members know that they can be completely honest, we encourage it!

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