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Default Re: Keep Your Reviews HONEST! and UNBIASED!

I rate high because I think the flavor is awesome. I take into account if I could smoke it once a week or not, and I generally say that. If I say I can smoke it once a month, I factor that in and for being a once a month flavor is it good. If it is a good once a month flavor, I will give it a high rating, but only in that category. If I had reviewed Sinbad Garden of Eden for a weekly smoke, it would have received a 4.

In my last video I left out a rating, just to get a feel if the rating is even noticed, so far nobody mentioned anything. So do people actually listen to the rating or do they go by what you say? I try and be as descriptive as possible so others can get a feel for what I am smoking. Like one comment where they actually smelled the coffee I was smoking, that is what i try to do.

And as we can see, I am honest, or I think I am. Al Waha Bounty shows that one. I agree with you Sambooka, honesty is the best thing to give everyone.

Hope that didn't come off in a bad way, just stating what I do during my videos and why I give such high ratings.
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