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Default Re: Keep Your Reviews HONEST! and UNBIASED!

Originally Posted by Nyxxie View Post
[Just like 10s are rare, 1s should be as well. I think being a fair rater isn't a reason to "not be welcomed here." Don't you think by saying that the people who believe you are speaking about them will now stop actually reviewing in fear that you wont think it's fair and will be removed from the site?
If a member is receiving a product for free in order to give an honest review for a contest to win a prize and said member isnt giving truly honest reviews then they do not belong here. That is pretty much being dishonest and deceiving others who might count on the review to make up their mind on purchasing the product. If a person believes that this was addressed to them maybe they are feeling guilty for not giving an honest review? Why else would they feel it was directed at them?
Everyones taste buds are different and everyone has different opinions on products but if someone is purposefully giving a wrong rating isnt that dishonest?
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