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Default Re: Keep Your Reviews HONEST! and UNBIASED!

Originally Posted by Dee View Post
I agree. Keep in mind I'm using the 1-5 scale strictly for video reviews and as such can freely talk about what ever pertinent points I feel are necessary. In the past I never bothered giving a number at all so the 1-5 is just a way to sort of sum up the review.

I do like your format for written reviews. I'm curious though about the max number of points for each category. Is it a max of 50 for each?
Oh, I missed the video only part so that does change things. As for how I do it I almost always keep the max points per section to 30-40. When I get something for free I can't really place a rating on the value of the product so I take the 30 points that I normally give to the value portion and distribute it else where. Still, the big thing is not the number of points per category but rather that all the categories are there and that I get as descriptive as possible.
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