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Default Re: The effects of honey

Originally Posted by dakingkevin23
Originally Posted by FURsAKeN
Originally Posted by dakingkevin23
For me, i added a little honey to some AW afternine, and it killed my shisha, barely any smoke.
be sure you at the right amount of honey if you are gonna add any
You should of let it heat for alot longer.. It took me about 15 mins till I started to get clouds. And I was using 3 1/4 pieces of exoticas.
i did. lol, i used two 3K for about 30 minutes, and barely got any smoke during those 30 minutes
Hehe I forgot to mention about that :P Yea honey is way too thick. Too much honey will make that unsmokeable ...That is why if you need a huge amount to "rehydrate" the tobacco, glycerin is the way to go. I got my lil bottle from Rite-Aid...Its in the pharmacy section.
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