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Default Re: Kinds of tobacco

Do you mean a tobacco brand? Well i know Tangiers (probably the widest known baccy for its great taste and buzz...but a very tricky tobacco b/c it is hard to get it to smoke) is one.

Nakhla also gives off a crazy buzz...but it take a lil while to get it to smoke right since it is pretty dry. Al Waha has a nic level of 0.5 like the rest of the baccys listed and it does give off a good buzz. But ehhh imo AW doesn't really give off good flav. The african kiwi is kinda good tho

That's all I know on top of my head that gives good buzz


Oh yea Afzal does give off a big one...but imo the flavs I have come across aren't that great.

The rest of the baccys I know such as AF, AL Amir, Fantasia, and Fusion give off low buzzes. But if someone is knew to hookah smoking, the low ones will give off a big buzz since they aren't used to it.

I think the one with the lowest nic level is Starbuzz. It has 0.05. I think it is cuz the brand gives off way more flavor and clouds than nic and thats why a lot of people seem to like it
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