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Originally Posted by Black_Mamba View Post
haha I wasn't trying to be mean. I just think it is funny when people tell me they smoke cigars: "What kind?" , "Well, I have had strawberry and peach." , *Facepalm*

I just think people should try a REAL cigar, you know what I mean?
I don't think you're out of line to post this. In context, it's actually spot-on. Many will completely write-off cigars because they've tried Swisher Sweets, Phillies Flavored, and whatever else their 7-11 offers, and absolutely HATED them. If that's all I ever tried, I'd hate cigars too! I compare it to writing off all wines because MD 20/20 Orange Jubilee made you sick.

*For the record, I still enjoy Mad Dog 20/20 - and Orange Jubilee is among my favs!
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