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Default Re: Keep Your Reviews HONEST! and UNBIASED!

First off I only review shisha that I have purchased. Second I love watching reviews from the members here but I would never run out a buy 250g of something that a reviewer rated high. Its only their 2 Cents I hope the reviewers keep there reviews honest and unbiased I know I try to. I've seen reviews on Nakhla Earl Grey that the reviewer rated very high so a purchased a 50g and I hate it so bad that I never will smoke it again but I won't do a review on it cuz I don't want some not to try it because I think it the worst out there. I know I have a hard time on what to give a shisha when I have nothing else to compare it to. Like my last review on Romman Cinnamon I gave it 9 out of 10 cuz the only other cinnamon I had before that I thought was horrible which made me give Romman I high score. I was expecting not to like then loved it.
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