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Default Re: Anally specific methods for smoking AF

Brassmunky and CaptHowdy smoke AF in the same / similar fashion to the way I smoke my AF. AF is my primary smoke, so it's practically all I smoke since I find it easy to manage, and great clouds.

I use exotica coals. I take the pre scored fingers and cut a 1/3 piece in to halves. I then use those two pieces on my bowl. I let the coals sit on the bowl w/ the wind cover for a few minutes to let the bowl warm up before I smoke. Don't leave it unmanaged, or it will burn or get too hot. I manage the heat by using a wind cover. When I feel it starts to get develop tickle/ get hot, I take the windcover off. I will ash the coals, move them slightly, then after a few minutes I will put the cover back on if it needs it.

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