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Default Re: Keep Your Reviews HONEST! and UNBIASED!

Here is an example:

Manufacturer, Flavour & size:
JM Tobacco, Baja Orange, 250g

J & R three part Syrian, Nammor hose, small funnel with scalli, 6 small pieces of Forani coals, foil with two circles with large holes.

Packing (10 pt.):
Tongue & groove wooden box which olds a metallic/plastic bag with zip lock style re-seal. Upside: No smell at all, easy to stack and reseal. A perfect packing job. 10 points.

Appearance & Stems (10 pt.):
Finely cut, moist but far from wet with no stems which is a sign of careful leaf selection. 10 points.

Smell & Taste (40 pt.):
The smell was exactly that of the Tang drink mix. The taste was the same as the smell and was with no aftertaste. Frankly this flavour while no unpleasant is nothing I would seek out or recommend. Session lasted about 60 minutes before taste faded. Upside: Smell and taste remained constant during the session. 20 points

Smoke & Mouth Feel (10 pt.):
Smoke amount was massive, colour was white and texture was light. More mouth feel would have been a plus but the huge amount of smoke was a bonus. 7 points

Valve (30 pt.):
I got this for $9.50 which strikes me as a good value although given the flavour is not to my tastes I canít really recommend this product. 23 points.

Total Score: 70 points
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