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Default Re: tangiers question

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
nope, no such thing, just lucid for now.
I have about 3/4 kilos of it right now so it is possible, kinda like Lucid Peach Iced Tea. Whether or not it will ever go into production, who knows?

Originally Posted by Dakins View Post
Lucid is semi-washed tobacco; Noir is the regular, ultra-potent line.
Not sure what you mean by semi-washed or ultra-potent. Lucid is washed and Noir isn't. The tobacco used isn't a high nicotine blend, although many say/think Noir does have slightly higher levels than other unwashed blends like Nakhla, including the maker himself. The flavoring is the same for those that are available in both lines. Noir does tend to have a more potent/complex/detailed flavor compared to Lucid though.

Originally Posted by Nyxxie View Post
What does unwashed mean?
Nicotine is water soluble so unwashed mu'assels will have a higher nicotine content. How much higher will depend on the actual tobacco (and curing method) or blend used to make it. Many of the popular mu'assels available in the US are washed and also dyed.
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