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Default Re: PimpYourHookah?

I'll check out the rules and regs. Did I screw up already?

According to my research, *makes shuffly smart paper sounds* I'm looking for something not less than 24 inches tall, and something not made in China or bought from eBay. The Khalil Mamoon hookahs appear to have an excellent reputation, and particularly when bought at PYH, seem to be the best compromise between price and quality. I don't see a whole lot of point in trying a "starter" hookah, really. Even if I don't smoke it, a nice hookah will make an excellent decoration for my house.

And also grey. Because grey is pretty. Or maybe green.

I don't know if I want to completely quit smoking cigarettes, tho. I'm a tobacco nut, I enjoy it all. I do hope to use the hookah to replace cigarettes and cigars that I normally chain smoke when I'm studying or coding, as well as just expand my choices.

Last night, I couldn't tell you what I smoked. The pipe was tall, and the flavor was a coffee/caramel blend, but I don't know what the brands were. The flavor was dry, like coffee beans that are smoked before they're ground, and had a very strong vanilla flavor that reminded us all of cheap cherry/vanilla pipe tobacco, but without the smoke or cherry notes. It was very nice, and very, very mild and smooth compared to what I'm used to. (obviously, right?)

So, yeah, time to practice patience. Looks like I have somewhere fun to hang out in the mean time!

If i were you, i'd wait it out for bilal to get set up in his new warehouse. i think he's gonna have a KM tri-metal coming out. You should definitely consider getting one of those. They're legit rigs.
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