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Default Re: When you dont have your hookah

i am one that can say he gets his cravings lol, but its due to the nicotine in it more than anything else...
im a cig smoker, which is woefully dislike in its entirety. I have a combo of not wanting to smoke at home on top of not really being able to. so at home unless it was an extremely bad day i dont get the craving for a smoke, the instant i leave i light the bastards up...

but anyways every weekend i gather with friends and we enjoy a smoke and just chill, and we always look forward to it. its starting to become a tradition. sometimes me and friends will light it up at school during free time and lunch (since i have a qt now) but we dont do it often, once a week maybe.

so usually, i smoke, and dislike it. but its rare when i dont have my hookah lol it camps out in my car
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