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Default Re: 50 Yr old (or probably a lot more) KM Hookah

Originally Posted by Cnphoto View Post
nah you can tell its a KM by the trade mark flower on the tray holder
The lotus flower is not a trademark of KM. It's a common symbol in Egyptian history and is used by multiple manufacturers including Magdy Zidan. The lotus flower engraving also varies slightly among KMs.

The reason why the tray rest is used to identify KMs is because KM tray rests have their name in Arabic engraved on them in between the flowers. Look at the pictures uk_shisha_king attached in his post earlier in this thread. His pictures also show the older-style brass hose tubes KM used. Most had logos engraved on the top like his does, as did the older-style steel hose tubes like that on the OG Amer, but I don't recall seeing the engravings on all the ones I've come across.

From what I've seen and know about KMs, I'd be hesitant to say it is an original KM if the only thing suggesting it are the flowers, but again, my knowledge doesn't go anywhere near as far back as the OP is saying this stem goes. It's also unlikely to me for it to be one of KM's original stems if KM's own claims of being the first manufacturer to specialize in hookahs and their factory starting in the late 1800s are true.

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