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Today was payday and my wife has been looking at a base Hookah John has had up since I ordered my Silk Butterfly. To be honest, the base has grown on me and I think I like it. So deciding on if I want to order it today or not. Now comes my decision. Obviously, you can't just have a base, you need a stem to go with it, which is where I need help. I have 5 stems I narrowed down to, but if you have suggestions I want to see.

Temsaah Butterfly Stem

Blue Caramana Stem

KM Butterfly High Stem

KM Kafae Large Stem

KM King Tut Stem Blue

These are all stems that she likes, and it won't be ordered for another couple of weeks to a month, so there is time. Just want to figure out what I should get before I order. Hoping to get everything in before our anniversary, which is the same day the contests ends. That way, just in case I don't win, and I don't care if I do because everyone has been doing great, I am covered for our anniversary!
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