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Default Re: New guy with questions...

check the vendor review secton there are quite a few decent vendors out there, as for hookah, if you have 150 to spend on jsut the pipe then you can treat yourself to a nice tall KM (personal fav) but any hookah brand should have a good model within that range, check out the review section for the various hookahs to see which one best fits you.

a few sites i can vouch for right off hand that ive ordered from with no problems are Hookah-shisha

they each have thier perks to use, (one has alot of starter packages and clerence items,fixed shipping,close to your location so faster shipping respectivily) amoung others, and i persoanlyl havent ever had any customer support issues with any of them. again our review section has an exstencive collection of personal history for items and vendors.
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