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Default Mya or no deal?

So I went downtown last night, to a local headshop that carries hookah supplies. My friend Nissim was working; I had come in for some coals and shisha. I put my coals,etc. on the counter, and he said he had a deal for me...a Mya Saray Mystic hookah, glass, that he would sell to me for real cheap. $20 cheap
Naturally I couldn't say no...he said he'd throw in the coals and shisha I wanted cause I was purchasing a hookah. It seemed real nice, a mya bowl, mya hose, and mya stamped on the side. I jokingly asked him what was wrong with it, he said it had no downstem lol.
This hookah (mines just like this but with a deep ruby vase and gold accents/hardware) isnt on the mya saray site, nor can I find any other websites via google.
So, really, I'm just asking is it authentic? And even if it's not, where would I go about ordering a Mya downstem? Any help would be great, thanx
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